Part of humanity relies on technology to help us maintain a responsible relationship between our present, past and future. Another part fears a future in which superintelligence takes full control over the world. Through speciesism, we observe how the human creature has divided the animal family, separating itself from it and becoming superior to it. In a similar way, humans have also placed artificial intelligence, their own creation, in the realm of the "other". Woods. More-than-human Curiosity traces how research on brain neuroplasticity (not only human but also animal), memory, creativity, robotics, and neuroethology are involved in the processes of return to a more-than-human community.

The project will consist of an international symposium, residencies, workshops, lectures, curatorial trips, video interviews, online formats, anthology of texts, documentary film, and commissioned artworks.

Woods is part of the activities of the Woods – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art, whose annual main activities are the Forest Symposiums. The fourth year of these interdisciplinary meetings will take place from July 28 through July 30, 2023. The symposium program will follow three research areas: neuroplasticity and memory, creativity, the animal brain and speciesism. The fourth part is the Children's Forest Group, which works with the these topics using methods accessible to younger people.

The symposium uses a variety of artistic and theoretical formats and ways of sharing: lectures, panel discussions, forest cinema and concert, landscape and architectural interventions, workshops, collective imagination, walks, group readings, performance and other artistic approaches. It takes place in an open environment of a meadow and forest in the Orlické Mountains in the Czech Republic.

The land is owned and cared for by Are are-events.org, a curatorial organisation which in 2019 initiated the Woods – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art that addresses the relationship between contemporary art, landscape, human health and interspecies coexistence. 

The project partners Norwegian cultural organisations Kunsthall Trondheim and Røst Air and Czech residency centre Ovenecká 33. 

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Woods is supported by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the Culture Programme. 

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