Are | (Are) is a curatorial organization founded in 2013 in Prague. It is currently run by Zuzana Blochová and 
Edith Jeřábková. Are responds to the need for more flexibility and diversity in the field of contemporary art and related areas. It prioritizes a collective approach over individual projects, develops international team work and collaborates with academic, cultural and art institutions, and independent initiatives.

Are is currently working on a series of projects interpreting the multiform and interconnected oeuvre of Ester Krumbachová, costume designer, stage designer, screen writer, author and director. Through diverse exhibition formats, curatorial screenings, publications and an open archive, Are is helping to uncover the work of this key figure of the Czechoslovak new wave. 

Are provides a background for the 
Institute of Anxiety, an initiative founded in 2018 by Are members and artists Barbora Kleinhamplová and Eva Koťátková. The Institute of Anxiety creates space for examining anxiety that spreads across society, taking the form of sleeplessness, stress, estrangement, loss of empathy, inequality and violence. The Institute wants to communicate this anxiety and turn it into a power strong enough to radicalize itself and enforce structural changes in the existing order of things.

WOODS – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art
 is part of the Institute of Anxiety's program. In order to study the problems associated with environmental grief, accelerating processes of degradation in agricultural and forest landscapes and the soil, increasing drought and extinction of small animals and insects, Are purchased a parcel of forest in the Orlické Mountains in 2019 to be used for community purposes.  It aims to create a sustainable, biodiverse forest as a friendly habitat for
different life forms from microorganisms, bacteria, plants, mushrooms, animals all the way to humans.

Supported by Prague City Hall, the State Cinematography Fund, the Ministry of Culture and the State Cultural Fund Czech Republic.

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